Welcome to Frank Kent ReAuto

Welcome to Frank Kent ReAuto

Here at Frank Kent ReAuto, we are working to change the auto industry forever, with a bold new approach to selling used vehicles that have a blemished Vehicle History Report (VHR). That is what our ReAuto Revolution is all about: giving vehicles that might otherwise be overlooked a real chance at finding the right owner. And of course, this also gives you an opportunity to find a fantastic vehicle at an unbeatable price, backed by the same Frank Kent Promise you would find at any of our other dealerships.

We want to make one thing very clear: a ReAuto vehicle is not a clunker or an old, beat-up model that only has a few weeks of life left in it. Our ReAuto models are all in excellent condition and have been through the same thorough inspection by our certified service professionals as any other pre-owned vehicle sold at one of the Frank Kent family of dealerships. However, what sets our models apart is that its VHR has a little more action on it than you would typically find on the pre-owned vehicles at our other dealerships.

This little bit of a storied history to them is exactly what we look for in our vehicles here at Frank Kent ReAuto. What we found at other dealerships is that these vehicles, with a minor accident or repair on their VHRs, were typically overlooked. We realized that many of our customers were specifically looking for pre-owned models with a clean VHR, which is completely understandable to us.

We also realized that we had customers that were looking to save more money and still get a fantastic vehicle--and the problem was figuring out how to match these great models with our budget-conscious customers. The solution to this problem began the ReAuto Revolution, as we determined the best way to help you find the right vehicle for you was to give these vehicles a chance to shine on their own--we launched Frank Kent ReAuto for this very purpose.

Here at Frank Kent ReAuto, we only specialize in selling used models with a minor incident on their VHR. This blemish's exact nature can vary from one vehicle to another, but it could be something like a deployed airbag. More importantly, however, we rigorously inspect every vehicle to ensure that it is in the best condition possible. We make sure that anything on the VHR has been properly addressed so that all of our vehicles are in excellent condition.

This is why we stand behind every ReAuto we sell with our Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise. This includes a haggle-free low price on every vehicle, which we regularly check and update to ensure it is more than competitive with other dealers. In fact, our ReAuto models are typically priced 10-15% lower than the same model with a clean VHR, which shows you how great a value these vehicles represent. We also provide a warranty on every ReAuto vehicle we sell, giving you two years or up to 100,000 miles of protection.

We have a simple philosophy here at Frank Kent ReAuto: create an environment where great vehicles with a slightly blemished history can find their new owners. Our goal is to prove that something this simple can change the way people approach used vehicles, and with your help, we aim to change the auto industry overall. Call or come visit us at Frank Kent ReAuto to see these impressive vehicles yourself, and join the ReAuto Revolution today!