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Welcome to the Frank Kent ReAuto Finance Center!

One of the guiding principles behind our ReAuto Revolution is our desire to help you find the right vehicle at a price that is perfect for your budget. While we all love the idea of driving away from a dealership in a brand-new car, we also understand that a new model is not right for everyone. It is important to remember that the right vehicle for you is not just the model with all of the features you need or with safety options that help protect you and your loved ones. The right vehicle for you is also the model that fits into your budget and works with your particular financial situation.

Our Commitment to you

Here at Frank Kent ReAuto, we are committed to helping our customers find that perfect vehicle that not only has the features you need but that works with your budget. In fact, one of the main reasons we started our ReAuto dealership is to give our most budget-conscious customers an opportunity to look at vehicles priced as low as possible. Our ReAuto models are in excellent shape--they simply have a blemished Vehicle History Report (VHR). While we rigorously inspect every model to ensure it is in great shape, we also recognize that any mark on the VHR for a vehicle can turn some people away. Our ReAuto models are for the people that are not scared off by a little bit of a checkered past but instead can appreciate a great value when you see it.

Save 10-15% By Purchasing a ReAuto

A low price is a great start, but the process of figuring out financing for a vehicle, even one priced as low as possible, can still be pretty complicated. This is why our financing experts are here to help you with anything you need. No matter what your financial history or credit report might look like, we will do everything we can to find a way to work with you and help you find the right financing for your situation.

In fact, we provide a number of tools here on our website to help you get started with figuring out your financing situation even before you start working with one of our experts. If you have a trade-in that you would like to use to help you with financing, then our simple-to-use trade valuator can let you get an idea of what your vehicle might be worth. Any actual offer we make concerning a trade-in will depend on the condition of your vehicle once we see it, of course, but this gives you a good sense of what you might be offered.

Trade-In Your Vehicle

If your trade-in has a bit of a storied past itself, then you may find a better offer here at Frank Kent ReAuto than anywhere else. We specialize in ReAuto models that have a little bit of a blemished VHR, after all, which means we see these vehicles as opportunities, not liabilities. If we think your trade-in might make a great addition to our inventory, then we could offer you more for it than you would find at another dealership.

Apply for Financing Online

Our online payment calculator will let you get a sense of what your payments might look like on a particular vehicle if you see something in our inventory that you are interested in. Plus, you can get started with financing right now by filling out our online application to see what your financial picture really looks like.

We're Here for You

Of course, our financing experts are also here for you, ready to answer any questions you might have and work directly with you to help you figure out your personal financing solution. Call or come visit us at Frank Kent ReAuto in Fort Worth, TX, today to find out more and join the ReAuto Revolution!