ReAuto FAQs

ReAuto Frequently Asked Questions

The idea of a "ReAuto" is something entirely new in the auto industry, and we believe it will be every bit as revolutionary as the development of the Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. With something so new, however, there are a lot of questions that people have, which is perfectly understandable, and we are always happy to answer questions for all of our customers. We thought it might be helpful, however, to put together some commonly asked questions to give you a better sense of what the ReAuto Revolution is all about.

Q: What Is a ReAuto?

A: Simply put, a ReAuto is a vehicle that has an imperfect Vehicle History Report (VHR) but still runs well and is in great shape. For example, it might have been involved in a minor fender-bender and needed some bodywork, but the engine is in excellent condition and the electrical system runs great. That bit of work that it needed will still show up on a VHR and can cause some people to immediately pass on the vehicle. To us, a ReAuto is an opportunity to showcase a great car that had only a slightly checkered past.

Q: Is a ReAuto Different From Any Other Used Vehicle?

A: When you look at a "used" or "pre-owned" vehicle, all that means is that you are seeing a car that was owned by someone else. A ReAuto is a specific type of used car, which we think is important enough to justify an entirely new categorization. As a family with a long history here in the Fort Worth area, we have seen a lot of dealerships and customers overlook great cars just because they have a blemish on their VHR. A ReAuto is an opportunity to get a great deal on a fantastic car that others might skip.

Q: Why Should I Choose a ReAuto?

A: One of the primary reasons to choose a ReAuto over any other vehicle--or even a lot of other used vehicles--is the fantastic price. We understand that an entry on a VHR can be concerning, even if a vehicle runs beautifully. Because of that, we can offer a ReAuto at about 10-15% less than it would otherwise cost for the same used vehicle with a perfect VHR.

The whole purpose of Frank Kent ReAuto is to bring out the hidden or overlooked value in these vehicles. That lower price for a car that still runs great is a major part of that. Of course, we also offer our Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise on all of our vehicles, which is added value for you.

Q: What Is the Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise?

A: The Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise consists of two parts. First, it starts with simple, haggle-free pricing on every ReAuto we sell. The price is clearly marked, and we evaluate pricing every day to ensure you get the best value possible on our vehicles. It is fair and provided to you up-front without the need for you to fight or haggle for it.

Second, all of our ReAuto vehicles come with our world-class Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise. This is a 2-year or 100,000-mile limited warranty that demonstrates just how much we believe in our vehicles, and we back that up in practice, not just in our words. You also get one year of membership in Road America's Auto Assist program, providing you with 24/7 roadside assistance that covers flat tires, dead batteries, gas deliveries, and so much more.

Q: Can I Sell You My ReAuto?

A: Absolutely! While much of our focus is on selling these fantastic ReAuto vehicles to customers that can appreciate them, we also want to buy your ReAuto from you. You can get started right now with our online appraisal tool here on our site, or bring your vehicle to us to find out more and get an offer for your ReAuto.

Q: Can I Get Financing on a ReAuto?

A: Yes, our ReAuto vehicles are eligible for financing just like any other used model. One of our experienced and friendly financing professionals can work closely with you to figure out financing that fits with your budget and works for what you need. We also welcome trade-ins to help with the cost of your vehicle, and you can get started right now by calculating your trade-in value on our website.

Q: Do You Perform Repairs on Your ReAutos?

A: While we do not perform repairs or service here at Frank Kent ReAuto, we are part of the Frank Kent family of dealerships. That means you can take your vehicle to one of our other locations for service when needed--and they will honor our own Frank Kent Warranty coverage. Give us a call to find out more and determine the service location nearest to you.

Q: How Old Are ReAutos?

A: In general, our ReAuto vehicles are less than 5 years old. This can vary from one model to another, of course, but you will not find old, beaten down models here. ReAutos are from recent years and just have a little bit more history to them than a lot of other used models, though we stand behind each and every one of them.

Q: What Are Some Common Issues on ReAuto VHRs?

A: Although this can certainly vary from one vehicle to another, issues that you might find on a ReAuto's Vehicle History Report are typically minor and non-mechanical. The details are not always provided as to what may have caused the need for repairs, though we tend to see minor body or frame damage or airbags that were deployed. Since we inspect our ReAutos to ensure work was done on them properly, we make sure that any issues were taken care of.

Q: Can I Insure My ReAuto?

A: Yes, absolutely--a ReAuto is no different from any other used vehicle. You will need to talk to your insurance provider for specific information, of course, but there is nothing about a ReAuto that would prohibit or make insurance any more difficult from another used model.

Q: Is a ReAuto Safe?

A: Yes, ReAutos are just as safe as any other used model. As we said before, these are vehicles that have had minor issues on their VHR, but these issues were addressed or repaired properly. This is something we take very seriously when looking at a vehicle--we want to ensure that every ReAuto we sell is something we would trust our own loved ones in. Our inspection process makes sure the work was done correctly, and that is why we stand behind all of these vehicles with our Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise.

Q: Will a ReAuto Be Worth Less in the Future for Trade-In?

A: As you might expect, a ReAuto will have a slightly diminished trade-in value in the future just like any other vehicle with blemishes on its VHR. The exact nature and value will depend on many different factors, however, especially how you care for the vehicle while you own and drive it. Please keep in mind that we generally value incoming ReAutos more highly than a lot of other dealerships might, since we specialize in them, so you can get a better trade-in value with us in the future than at another dealership.

Q: Shopping for a Car? A ReAuto Might Be the Answer!

A: If you have more questions or you are ready to see our selection of ReAutos for yourself, then we are here for you. Our ReAuto Revolution is about providing more drivers with a fantastic value and a great car to enjoy for years to come. Call or visit us at Frank Kent ReAuto today and find the car that is perfect for you.