Sell Us Your ReAuto

Sell Us Your ReAuto

Here at Frank Kent ReAuto, we are creating a new opportunity not only for car buyers but for car sellers as well. That means we are interested in vehicles that you might not get much interest in from other dealerships; we are going to give you much more consideration despite some flaws or issues your vehicle might have. If you have a car that you are worried about getting a fair deal for, then we want you to sell us your ReAuto.

We have made the ReAuto-selling process as simple as possible, with easy appraisal tools here on our site that you can use to get started. Please keep in mind that the Vehicle History Report (VHR) on your car will still be important to us, but a few issues on it will not be an immediate source of concern like you will often experience elsewhere. We want great vehicles in good condition that might have a bit of a storied past. If that sounds like what you own, then come visit us at 3800 Southwest Boulevard in Fort Worth, TX, to find out more about selling us your ReAuto.

Finding a ReAuto

Everything starts with finding the right vehicles, vehicles that deserve a real chance at being chosen by a driver. The Frank Kent family has been in the business of selling cars for more than a century now, which means we have seen pretty much everything you can imagine when it comes to vehicles and their condition. One of the most important developments in modern car-buying has been the proliferation of the Vehicle History Report (VHR) and, perhaps more importantly, customer access to these reports.

The only downside of how popular VHRs have become, however, is that many customers--and even a lot of salespeople, to be honest--have come to see them as the absolute authority on whether a car is worth buying. A car can be in great shape and simply have a blemish on its VHR: perhaps it was in a collision a few years ago and needed a little bodywork, but the engine was fine, the electrical system was fine, and the repairs it needed were handled by a great shop. But when a lot of people see that bodywork on the VHR, they stop looking at the car altogether and move on to the next option.

Here at Frank Kent ReAuto, however, we do not see such a blemish on the VHR as a problem, but rather as an opportunity. Once this idea started to germinate, we quickly realized it was more than simply trying to highlight the good aspects of certain vehicles. It became something much larger, which has resulted in us redefining how we view a lot of cars, trucks, and SUVs--not as used or flawed, but as something more: a ReAuto.

Getting Started

Here at Frank Kent ReAuto, we work hard to ensure every interaction we have with you is straightforward and productive, whether you are buying from us or selling us your ReAuto. You can get started right now with our easy-to-use appraisal tool here on our website. By providing us with a little bit of information about your vehicle, we can start to give you a sense of how much it will likely be worth. Please keep in mind that this is only an appraisal, however, and that any offer we make may not precisely reflect an estimate you receive based on an initial review.

What to Expect

Once you use our simple appraisal tool to get started with selling us your ReAuto, then we will work with you directly to determine exactly what your vehicle is worth. Determining the value of any pre-owned vehicle can be tricky: there are a lot of factors to consider, and the condition of the car is always going to come into play. A Vehicle History Report is typically used in this process, with any issues in the past directly affecting the price you will be offered when selling your car.

Our entire mission here at Frank Kent ReAuto, however, is based on finding the real value of cars that have an imperfect VHR. Where other dealerships can quickly dismiss you or offer you an incredibly low amount due to something as simple as a little body repair on your car's record, we do not limit ourselves to what is on the page. We want to see your vehicle--either through pictures or in-person--to determine what this work involved and how well it was carried out.

The philosophy behind our new approach to ReAutos is that cars with a few blemishes on their VHR should not be cast aside simply for "living" a little. So if your vehicle is in great shape and runs well, despite having a minor issue on the VHR, you can still expect to receive a fair offer from us on your vehicle. You do not have to accept this offer, of course, and there are some restrictions on how long you have to make a decision, as you would expect, but all of this will be provided to you up-front, so there are no surprises. We do everything we can to make it as simple as possible for you to sell us your ReAuto and walk away from it quite happy.

Why Sell Us Your ReAuto?

As part of one of the oldest family of dealerships here in the Fort Worth area, we have tremendous buying power and the ability to give you what your vehicle is really worth. As we said before, with a car that has a mark or two against it on a VHR, getting a decent price for your vehicle can be difficult. A lot of other dealerships will take one look at that and simply want nothing to do with it because they know how hard it can be to move that kind of car.

At Frank Kent ReAuto, our entire business model is built around buying and selling such vehicles. That means we are looking for high-quality ReAuto models that we can give you a fair price for, because we know we can sell it for what it is worth. And you are not going to hear us try to use a ding on the VHR as a reason to try to underpay you for your vehicle--we see these cars as opportunities, not liabilities. So when you sell us your ReAuto, you know you are coming to someone that wants to work with you and treat you fairly.

What to Bring

Whether you are coming to us without using our online appraisal tool or talking to us on the phone or visiting us after getting an estimate, you are going to need to bring some things with you to sell us your ReAuto. First and foremost, bring your vehicle to us. Even if you are unsure about selling it today, we can give you a much more accurate and reasonable offer for your vehicle if we can see it in person and inspect it. Hearing and feeling how well your car runs, even though it has some body work on its VHR, is a major reason we can offer you more for your vehicle than you might expect.

Along these lines, we ask that you please clean your vehicle before you bring it to us so that it looks as good as possible. This means clearing out the inside of any of your possessions; make sure you take your other keys off the ring with your vehicle's keys and have your mobile phone and other items out of your car. You want your vehicle to look its best, so you may want to get new tires if your current ones are worn down or have any minor issues fixed before selling.

If you are interested in selling today, or you are coming back to accept an offer, make sure you bring the title for your vehicle with you. We will need to take possession of the title to buy your vehicle--and you will need to file a Vehicle Transfer Notification document with the Texas DMV within 30 days of selling us your ReAuto. This ensures the state knows you no longer own the vehicle and protects you from any potential issues with parking tickets or other tolls involving the vehicle in the future.

Choose Frank Kent ReAuto Today

Whether you are looking to sell us your ReAuto, buy a vehicle, or even do both with a current vehicle as a trade-in, we are here to help. We are changing the way the auto industry views cars, trucks, and SUVs that have a little bit of excitement in their past, by seeing the value of these vehicles rather than being scared off by an interesting VHR. Call or come visit us at Frank Kent ReAuto today to discover an entirely new approach to buying and selling used cars.