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    Whether you have a large group of friends, a big (or growing) family, or simply like the size and power that one affords, nothing can beat an SUV for overall functionality and passenger space. A brand-new SUV can be amazing, but it can also be quite expensive, so pre-owned models are a great choice for a lot of people looking to get a fantastic driving experience while going easy on their budget. Our selection of ReAuto SUVs, however, takes that a step further, offering you incredible savings on vehicles that are in excellent condition.Here at Frank Kent ReAuto, we are changing the way used cars, trucks, and SUVs will be sold forever. For too long, pre-owned models in excellent shape that run beautifully, but which are marred by a minor issue on their vehicle history report, have been overlooked and cast aside by salespeople and customers alike. And so, we have started the ReAuto Revolution: a movement to recognize the value of these vehicles and the opportunity for savings and reliability they offer. Join us at Frank Kent ReAuto in Fort Worth, TX, and find the perfect SUV with everything you need.

    The Benefits of an SUV

    It, perhaps, goes without saying that one of the major benefits of choosing an SUV is the tremendous size and space they offer. Although they are available in a number of model sizes, from sub-compact and small up to full-size and large, in general, an SUV is a pretty big vehicle. For a lot of people, this large size affords a certain amount of confidence and security on the road; the knowledge that your vehicle can handle pretty much anything you encounter can be quite comforting.

    Beyond size for its own sake, however, SUVs also tend to give you a lot more room inside than many other vehicles on the road. This translates into both a lot of interior passenger space for yourself and your friends or family, as well as a lot of cargo space for whatever you need to take with you. It is true that a carpenter will typically prefer a pickup for loading up lumber, even though an SUV might be large enough to handle it, but for piling in camping supplies or everything you need for tailgating, a big SUV cannot be beat.

    This also makes an SUV the perfect choice if you have a big family or one that is growing. Where minivans might have been the traditional family machine in years past, the SUV has largely surpassed such vehicles due to offering plenty of space for everyone with a more functional overall design. Ultimately, however, no matter why you want one, our ReAuto SUVs are the perfect combination of having reliable performance and a budget-friendly price.

    What Is a ReAuto?

    The idea behind a ReAuto is simple: a pre-owned vehicle that is in excellent condition and runs well, but with a blemished vehicle history report. This last point is really what sets a ReAuto apart because for a lot of people––and a lot of dealerships––a minor issue on a vehicle history report can be the kiss of death for a vehicle. However, ReAuto SUVs have been thoroughly inspected to ensure they are in the best condition possible; they just have a little more history to them.

    Should I Choose a ReAuto SUV?

    If you want a great SUV in excellent condition and you want to save money, then yes, you should definitely choose a ReAuto SUV. Our ReAuto SUVs go through the same inspection process as any other pre-owned vehicle that you will find at a Frank Kent dealership. We make sure that any work they needed has been done, and that it was done right, so we know that whatever happened in their past has had no impact on their present. Let us be very clear about this: our ReAuto SUVs are not clunkers or wrecks; they are in great shape and run beautifully.

    That being said, they do have some sort of issue that shows up on their vehicle history reports. The exact nature of these issues can vary between the ReAuto SUVs we offer, but it will usually be something like some minor frame work or an airbag deployment. If you were buying a car from some stranger across town, then these sorts of things would certainly be red flags. But since we have made sure whatever work was needed was done properly, you can rest easy knowing that the adventures these ReAuto SUVs had in their past have caused them no lasting harm.

    Of course, even with everything we do to ensure our ReAuto SUVs are in the best condition possible, they do still have some blemish on their vehicle history reports. That is why we can offer them at incredible discounts compared to other used models. In fact, we can typically offer a ReAuto SUV for about 10-15% less than you would pay for the same used model if it had a perfect vehicle history report. That is the entire point of the ReAuto Revolution: finding value and opportunity in these overlooked automotive gems.

    The Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise

    If you are still not sure if our ReAuto SUVs are right for you, consider this: they all fall under our exclusive Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise, just like any other used vehicle you find at any Frank Kent dealership. This Promise starts with simple, clearly marked, haggle-free pricing on every vehicle we sell. We make sure this pricing is updated regularly and that it clearly reflects the current value of the vehicle. You never have to fight or haggle to get a fair price on our ReAuto SUVs; they start off at that price.

    Second, all of our ReAuto SUVs include our legendary Frank Kent Warranty, which includes two-years or 100,000-miles of limited coverage.

    We are so confident in the quality of our vehicles that we stand behind it with protection––and this warranty is honored at any Frank Kent dealership so you can go to them for service or maintenance. Plus, you get a one-year membership in Road America’s Auto Assist program, which includes 24/7 roadside assistance with towing, flat tires, gas delivery, and much more. We believe in the quality of every ReAuto SUV we sell, and we want you to drive with the same confidence we have.

    Financing Assistance

    One of the concerns we hear from our customers is whether or not they can get financing on the ReAuto SUVs we sell. The answer is absolutely yes; we are happy to help you with financing on any vehicle you buy from us. Our financing experts have pretty much seen it all, so no matter what your financial picture might look like, they will work with you to figure it out. We are not interested in making a sale at any cost, so we will ensure you drive away with financing that fits within your budget and will let you sleep at night.

    Join the ReAuto Revolution Today

    Here at Frank Kent ReAuto, we believe that our ReAuto SUVs are the way of the future: pre-owned vehicles with a little bit of a storied past, offering you a fantastic vehicle at an unbeatable price. No matter why you want an SUV, whether you need to get ready for your expanding family, need room for all of your friends to take a road trip, or want to feel in command of the road, we have a model for you. Call or visit us at Frank Kent ReAuto, and we will help you find the right SUV.

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