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    If you work in a trade or simply need a vehicle that can keep up with you and work as hard as you do, nothing can beat a powerful pickup. Although brand-new trucks are great if you absolutely need all of the latest bells and whistles, they can also be very expensive and impractical for a lot of people. ReAuto trucks, on the other hand, are hard-working and are available at terrific prices.Here at Frank Kent ReAuto, we are proud to offer a limited selection of powerful ReAuto trucks for you to choose from. One of our friendly salespeople can show you what we have available and will work closely with you to make sure you get exactly the right vehicle for what you need. Of course, since we offer pre-owned ReAuto trucks, our inventory is likely to change pretty often, so make sure you check our online inventory or give us a call to find out how many ReAuto trucks we currently have available. Then come visit us at Frank Kent ReAuto to discover a better way to shop for used vehicles.

    The Value of a Pickup

    For hard work and serious power, nothing can surpass a pickup truck. While SUVs can offer more interior room and a lot of interior cargo space, few of them can rival a truck for overall payload capacity or towing ability. The best part about the power of a truck, however, is that it is not something tied to the latest features or technology––you can get an older, pre-owned model and still have all the muscle you need to get your job done.

    We do not need to tell you how important a truck can be if you work in a trade since a pickup can make the difference between getting everything you need to a job site and having to call in someone else to deliver things for you. A hard-working ReAuto truck is the perfect option for a work vehicle since they provide you with an incredible value. As part of the Frank Kent family of dealerships, we know how much a new truck costs, and we know that the value of a pre-owned option is very important to a lot of people, but a ReAuto truck takes that even further.

    Why Choose a ReAuto Truck?

    Perhaps the biggest reason to choose a ReAuto truck is the value it offers you, as our customer. Our vision for ReAuto trucks is simple: a pre-owned truck that has an imperfect vehicle history report, but that has had any necessary work done to run beautifully and is otherwise in great condition. This means that you can choose a ReAuto truck and know that it will keep working for you for a long time.

    Even beyond the performance and reliability of our ReAuto trucks, there is also the simple fact that you will generally pay less for one. We know that a blemish on a vehicle history report is a big deal for some people; the fact that we see people skip over these vehicles simply because of the report is why we have started the ReAuto Revolution. We also know that these kinds of imperfections are typically quite minor and that the work that was needed on our ReAuto vehicles has been done, so they are in great shape.

    And yet, in order to reward you for taking advantage of these opportunities, we are able to offer you ReAuto trucks for about 10-15% less than you would pay for the same model, pre-owned, with a perfect vehicle history report. This is our way of showing you just how valuable these vehicles are, and also part of why it is difficult for us to guarantee how many of our ReAuto trucks we will have in stock at any given time. These are popular vehicles in great shape and offered at an extraordinarily low price, so keeping them around is not easy. Plus, they are all covered by our exclusive Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise.

    The Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise

    Our legendary Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise consists of two parts: first, you get guaranteed haggle-free pricing on every ReAuto truck we sell. That might not sound like much, but if you have ever had to deal with some other dealerships and their pricing, then you know just how important it is. Our haggle-free pricing is frequently reviewed and updated; we compare it to the market in general, our competitors, and what you would expect to pay for a used model with a clean vehicle history report. You never have to fight or haggle for a fair price here at Frank Kent ReAuto––it is clearly marked and available the moment you walk onto our lot.

    Second, all of our ReAuto trucks are covered by our Frank Kent Warranty, which includes two-years or 100,000-miles of limited coverage. This warranty coverage also includes a one-year membership in Road America’s Auto Assist program, which features 24/7 assistance for you, including tows, flat tire assistance, and gas delivery. We believe in and stand behind our ReAuto trucks, and we want you to have just as much confidence in your vehicle when you drive off our lot as we have in them.

    Financing Help and Trade-In Available

    Even with the incredible prices of our ReAuto trucks, we know that many of our customers may still need help with financing. That is why our financing experts are here to work with you and help you find exactly the right financing to fit within your budget and get you the vehicle you need. No matter what your financial picture looks like, we will do everything we can to make sure you get a vehicle that you can afford that will treat you right for years to come.

    We also know that a lot of people are concerned about the condition of a potential trade-in vehicle. You can get started right now with valuing your trade using our simple online tools here on our website. If you are interested in selling your vehicle to us, then you can also use our online tools to start appraising what your vehicle might be worth––though we will need to inspect it before making a firm offer.

    Of course, we do not only sell ReAuto trucks here at Frank Kent ReAuto, but we also buy a wide range of great ReAuto vehicles. That means that if you have a used model in great condition but with a somewhat lively vehicle history report, then we want to buy your vehicle. And since we are not scared off by minor issues on a report like a lot of other dealerships, we can offer you a fair price that may well exceed what you will receive elsewhere.

    Choose Frank Kent ReAuto Today

    Here at Frank Kent ReAuto, we believe that every used vehicle––so long as it is in good condition––deserves another chance at a great owner. That is why we have started the ReAuto Revolution: a new way of looking at pre-owned vehicles and seeing the value in those with less-than-perfect vehicle history reports. Call or come visit us at Frank Kent ReAuto and join us in forever changing the way used cars are sold. You can find us located at 3800 Southwest Boulevard in Fort Worth, TX.

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