What Is A ReAuto?

What Is a ReAuto?

When you are revolutionizing the way the auto industry works, you get asked these kinds of questions all the time, and people often wonder, "What is a ReAuto?" Well, the simple answer is that it is a vehicle with an imperfect vehicle history report, but one that has suffered only minor blemishes rather than major problems. To us, a ReAuto is a golden opportunity to offer you a quality vehicle at an excellent price, so long as you are willing to look past a few flaws.

Here at Frank Kent ReAuto, we have a simple philosophy behind our business: every vehicle that is still in good condition deserves an honest shot at finding a new owner. Too often, we have seen perfectly good vehicles, with some minor imperfections, routinely looked over by salespeople and customers alike. We have set out to change this, however, with a new approach focused on finding the value in any vehicle, so long as it still runs well. Visit us at Frank Kent ReAuto today and discover your next automotive diamond in the rough.

Finding a ReAuto

Everything starts with finding the right vehicles, vehicles that deserve a real chance at being chosen by a driver. The Frank Kent family has been in the business of selling cars for more than a century now, which means we have seen pretty much everything you can imagine when it comes to vehicles and their condition. One of the most important developments in modern car-buying has been the proliferation of the Vehicle History Report (VHR) and, perhaps more importantly, customer access to these reports.

The only downside of how popular VHRs have become, however, is that many customers--and even a lot of salespeople, to be honest--have come to see them as the absolute authority on whether a car is worth buying. A car can be in great shape and simply have a blemish on its VHR: perhaps it was in a collision a few years ago and needed a little bodywork, but the engine was fine, the electrical system was fine, and the repairs it needed were handled by a great shop. But when a lot of people see that bodywork on the VHR, they stop looking at the car altogether and move on to the next option.

Here at Frank Kent ReAuto, however, we do not see such a blemish on the VHR as a problem, but rather as an opportunity. Once this idea started to germinate, we quickly realized it was more than simply trying to highlight the good aspects of certain vehicles. It became something much larger, which has resulted in us redefining how we view a lot of cars, trucks, and SUVs--not as used or flawed, but as something more: a ReAuto.

What Is a ReAuto?

As we said, a ReAuto is a vehicle like the one we talked about before: a car with a storied past that resulted in a less-than-spotless VHR. But, one that still runs well and is a quality vehicle, even though it might have hit a few rough spots. These are not clunkers, however, or vehicles that private sellers might try to unload as quickly and cheaply as possible because they have a lot of problems they do not want you to ask about.

These are vehicles that have been worked on, had repairs made, and are in great overall condition. So yes, you might see that body work was done or an engine had to be repaired--but that is the whole point: the work was done. These cars have been rejuvenated and given a second chance to find a new driver that will enjoy them for years to come. A ReAuto is a car for someone that can look past a spotty VHR to see everything the vehicle has to offer and then embrace an opportunity to get a great vehicle at a fantastic price.

Why Should I Choose a ReAuto?

First and foremost, one of the best reasons to choose a ReAuto is because of the price. Since these are cars that have a rather lively history to them, we can offer them to you at a lower price than you would pay for the same vehicle, used, with an absolutely clean VHR. We do this not because the car has problems, but because we recognize the real value of these vehicles is that they offer a new price-point for you as our customer. In general, you can expect to pay about 10-15% less for a ReAuto than you would for the same used model with a clean record.

A ReAuto is also a fantastic option for a driver that might not have the best personal record or a lot of experience. While we all want to avoid collisions as much as possible, the reality of the world we live in is that accidents will happen. Even minor collisions that leave the driver perfectly fine can still take their toll on the vehicle. A ReAuto is a great choice if you are buying a car for a first-time driver and you want something that is in excellent condition, will run well, but that is not a huge investment for a new driver to be in control of.

Just like other used cars, you can view choosing a ReAuto as a great way to help out the environment by keeping a vehicle on the road longer. A tremendous amount of resources and energy goes into manufacturing a vehicle, which is why buying a brand-new car can be somewhat detrimental to the environment. When you choose a ReAuto that you will drive for a number of years, then you help further justify the resources that went into making that vehicle, offsetting the impact that manufacturing it may have had.

The Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise!

And just in case you needed any further reason to choose a ReAuto, consider our Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise and everything it gives you as our customer. This promise starts with simple, no-haggle pricing on every ReAuto vehicle we sell. We put a lot of time into keeping track of market trends and seeing what vehicles are worth, and that allows us to clearly label every ReAuto we sell with a fair, low price that you do not have to fight or haggle for. This is just one way that our ReAutos make shopping for a car easier for you.

The second part of our Pre-Owned Promise is our own Frank Kent Certified Pre-Owned Warranty protection and coverage on every ReAuto vehicle we sell. This gives you a 2-year or 100,000-mile limited warranty on your vehicle. That is how strongly we believe in the ReAutos that we offer: we know they will run well and take care of you, so we back that up with our own promise and protection. And this includes a one-year membership in Road America's Auto Assist Program, which features 24/7 assistance in case of flat tires, running out of gas, and much more.

Be A Part of the ReAuto Revolution

Here at Frank Kent ReAuto, we are working hard to change the way people view vehicles that have imperfect VHRs through something we call the ReAuto Revolution. If you want a great car at a remarkably low price, with warranty protection and the peace of mind that comes with it, then you deserve a ReAuto. Call or visit us at Frank Kent ReAuto today in Fort Worth, TX, to see these vehicles for yourself and find a car that you can make some new memories in.