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Cheap Used Cars for Sale – Fort Worth, TX

There are many reasons to choose a used car over one that is brand-new, but high among them is saving money. We know that the ability to skip some of the major initial depreciation and getting a lower overall cost is something that should not be downplayed when looking at used models. Everyone wants to find cheap used cars for sale, but the inherent risk in going too “cheap” is that you can end up with something on its last tire with only a year or less left in it. While you might pay very little for such a vehicle, that is ultimately a waste of money, so even a low cost is still too high.

Here at Frank Kent ReAuto, one of the driving factors behind our new approach to selling vehicles with a slightly tarnished history is the desire to be able to offer you fantastic used cars for sale at the lowest prices possible. We believe that “cheap” does not have to mean low quality; it does not have to mean crossing your fingers every time you start your car or driving for months with the check engine light on. The ReAuto Revolution is all about giving cars that might have a slightly-checkered-past an opportunity to shine while ensuring you still get a fantastic vehicle that will treat you right.

Come join us at Frank Kent ReAuto and find a great car, at a low price, with excellent quality and care.

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Low in Cost, Not Quality

One of the main beliefs we hold here at Frank Kent ReAuto is that “cheap” is about cost, not quality. That means that a cheap used car does not have to be low quality or a clunker that looks like it has about 10 miles left in it before it bursts into flames on the side of the road. Cheap used cars are those at great low prices––not cars that will leave you stranded late at night in a cold, dark parking lot.

Yet, if you go looking online, especially from private sellers throughout Texas, you will find plenty of cheap used cars for sale that are in terrible shape. These are vehicles that could be less than a couple of thousand dollars, and if you are desperate for a car, then they can be quite attractive. For a car to be that cheap, however, there has to be something wrong with it. Unless you are looking to do a lot of major repairs yourself, or you are someone that enjoys buying cars in bad shape to work on them and restore them, these are not a good value for you.

Our cars here at Frank Kent ReAuto are offered at low prices, typically 10-15% lower than a comparable used vehicle with a clean Vehicle History Report (VHR). They are not, however, in bad shape or ready to let you down when you need them to get you to work or give a loved one a ride somewhere. Our ReAuto vehicles are in excellent condition––they simply have a bit of history to them that would leave them overlooked by a lot of customers.

The ReAuto Revolution

That is what Frank Kent ReAuto and our ReAuto Revolution is all about! Although we are a new dealership here in Fort Worth, we are part of the Frank Kent family, which means our roots here go back more than 100 years. In that time, we have learned a lot about buying and selling cars, and we have seen plenty of vehicles get passed by when they represent a great value.

One thing that we have seen recently is that a car that is in good shape, but with some frame work or a deployed airbag on its VHR, will be skipped by customers and salespeople alike. We realized that these vehicles represent a tremendous opportunity to be able to give you a fantastic value on a used car. That realization was the birth of our ReAuto concept and an entirely new way to approach selling cheap used cars.

We make sure that all of our used cars are in the best condition possible. If they had a deployed airbag or needed frame work done, we check to see that it was done properly and that any issues that might have arisen were repaired before we got the vehicle. When you look at cheap used cars from a private seller, you never know what it has been through. But we make sure any issues were taken care of, and we back every vehicle we sell with our own Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise.

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The Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise

Our Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise is our way of making your car-buying process as simple as possible while letting you know that we stand behind every vehicle we sell. The Promise has two parts to it: haggle-free pricing and our Frank Kent Warranty. This Promise is offered on every single vehicle we sell here at Frank Kent ReAuto––so no matter what you are looking for, you know that we will take good care of you.

The first part of our Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise is guaranteed haggle-free pricing on every vehicle that we sell. This makes buying a car simple and straightforward for you. We start off by setting a fair, low price on all of the vehicles we offer; we routinely check these prices, using guides and industry resources, along with pricing on similar vehicles in the area, to ensure they remain as low as possible. This price is clearly marked for you; there is no need to worry about arguing or haggling to get a fair price––we start with it from the beginning.

Second, our Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise continues with our Certified Pre-Owned Warranty on every ReAuto vehicle we sell. This is a 2-year or 100,000-mile limited warranty that we provide at no cost to you on your vehicle. Your warranty also includes a one-year membership in Road America’s Auto Assist program, which includes 24/7 coverage and roadside assistance. If the unexpected happens, there will be someone there to help you out with gas or fluid deliveries, flat tire assistance, lock-out assistance, and even towing service if you need it.

Frank Kent History

Frank Kent ReAuto, as one might guess from our name, is part of the Frank Kent family of dealerships in Texas. That means we are part of the history and legacy of Frank Kent, which is not something we take lightly. All of us here at Frank Kent ReAuto have a tremendous amount of respect for this name, and we know that there is a lot of responsibility tied to being a part of it.

The Frank Kent Motor Company is one of the oldest family-owned dealerships in all of Texas, and it remains family-operated to this day. It all started in 1917 when Frank Kent began his career in the auto industry, working at a dealership and gaining experience. In 1935, he organized and began operating the Frank Kent Motor Company, originally with a Ford and Lincoln-Mercury dealership. Even from the very beginning, his company was founded on honesty and providing reliable service to his customers.

In 1939, he moved his dealership from 7th St to a new facility at Main and Lancaster in downtown Fort Worth. So, when we say our roots go back nearly 100 years here in Fort Worth, we really mean it. In 1953, Frank Kent obtained the Cadillac franchise and distribution rights in Texas and gave up his Ford franchise. Over the years, the company has continued to be run with the original emphasis on treating customers properly and placing values and ethics over profits.

In the years that followed the beginning of the Frank Kent and Cadillac relationship, Wendy Kent Churchill, Frank Kent’s granddaughter, became Vice President of the company – though Frank Kent remained active with the dealership. Mr. Kent passed away in 1987, just before his 92nd birthday, and in 1989 he was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in Detroit to honor his years of dedication to building the auto industry.

In 1995, Wendy Kent Churchill became owner and President of the company – in 1999, Frank Kent Cadillac and the Frank Kent Auto Group merged to become the Frank Kent Motor Company once more, returning to the original name used in 1935. Ms. Churchill continued to run the company for many years, though she passed away in 2005. Afterward, her children: Will and Corrie Churchill, stepped in and continue to oversee operations to this day. In this way, the Frank Kent Motor Company remains family-owned and operated to this day.

Building a Foundation of Trust

All of that history, so many decades in business and selling cars here in Texas, means something to us. For one thing, it means we can look around us and see the clear signs of everything that was accomplished and created by the people that came before us. That is a powerful thing to be a part of, and we take our role as part of the Frank Kent Motor Company extremely seriously.

As part of the Frank Kent family, we have a simple motto that guides us: “Morals, values, and ethics over profit.” These are words that strike at the very heart of everything we do here at Frank Kent ReAuto and the entire vision behind our new dealership and the new way we are approaching selling used cars. To us, it is not about trying to move as many cars as fast as possible and grind through the largest number of consumers.

The “Frank Kent” name and legacy means that we continue to live up to the incredible history behind us by putting the needs of our customers first. We treat every customer that comes to us with the kind of honesty and respect we would like to be shown as customers when we go to businesses. This is a simple idea – it is essentially the Gold Rule, after all – but one that falls to the wayside far too often when people run a company.

There is nothing more important to us than the honesty and integrity with which we carry ourselves and how we do business. The trust that you show us by coming to us with your business is extremely important and not something we ever take for granted. That is why we work so hard to show you the respect you deserve as a customer, with policies like our Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise and our Certified Pre-Owned Warranty to demonstrate how much we value your support.

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How Much Does a Car Depreciate?

Although it can vary, based on several factors, in general, a new car will depreciate in value by about 20% within the first year of ownership. In the years that follow, the vehicle will continue to depreciate by about 15% each year. This is why a new car will typically be worth about 40-50% of its original value only five years after it was sold new. While this might only matter if you are interested in selling your car, it is still something to consider if you are weighing the benefits of choosing a new vs a used car.

To get a real sense of how this depreciation works, think about a vehicle sold as new for $100,000 After just one year, assuming a 20% depreciation (it could be more), that car is only worth $80,000. One year later, it is worth just $68,000, and after a total of three years of ownership, it is only worth about $57,000. Again, that is assuming an even 15% depreciation – it could be even higher. By the end of five years, that $100,000-car is worth about $41,000.

Avoiding this massive depreciation within the first year or so is one of the main reasons many people choose a used car rather than a new one.

What Used Cars Hold Their Value the Best?

There are some vehicles that do well with resisting depreciation, and the Jeep Wrangler and Ram 1500 are among those vehicles. Different factors can affect this, of course, and individual models will have varying values based on their condition, trim, and other aspects, but overall, these two vehicles retain their value better than a lot of others. The reasons for this are pretty simple: they are both well-made vehicles, and even after several years, they remain attractive to potential used-car buyers.

It should come as no surprise that something as iconic as the Jeep Wrangler would retain its value well. For anyone interested in going off-road, the Wrangler is generally seen as the top choice and is virtually unbeatable in this respect. As we saw earlier, a brand-new vehicle can easily lose 60% of its overall value after just five years from when it was first sold. However, when looking at a Jeep Wrangler that sold new in 2013 for about $29,000, by 2018, it was still worth about $22,000. That is value retention of about 75%, meaning it only lost 25% of its value in the first five years.

Similarly, the Ram 1500 is one of the most attractive, powerful, and reliable trucks on the road. Although there is no shortage of full-size trucks available from different manufacturers, the Ram 1500 has proven itself time and again as the one to beat. Consider a Ram 1500 from 2013 that sold for about $36,000; in 2018, it would have typically sold used for around $22,000. This value retention is more than 60%. And while this is not quite as great as the Wrangler, it is impressive nonetheless. Overall, the Wrangler and the Ram 1500 hold their value much more than the average vehicle.

Here for You in Fort Worth

At Frank Kent ReAuto, we are conveniently located at US-377 and Southwest Blvd, so we are easy to get to from all over Fort Worth. You can also get to us from:

  • Dallas – To get to us from Dallas, simply hop on I-30 and head west toward Fort Worth. Stay on I-30 until you reach exit 7B, then head south on TX-183. Stay on TX-183 until just past Southwest Blvd, then turn left onto Kermit Ave; you will find us on your left.
  • Waco – From Waco, get onto I-35 heading north toward Fort Worth. Stay on I-35 until you reach I-20: use exit 45A to get onto I-20 and head west. At exit 432A, stay to the right to get onto TX-183 going west, which becomes Southwest Blvd. Stay on that into Fort Worth and take a left at Garza Ave, then a right onto Fairfax St. Turn left a moment later onto Kermit Ave, and you will find us on your right.
  • Wichita Falls – To reach us from Wichita Falls, get onto US-287 heading east. Stay on US-287 going southeast until you reach US-35W; get onto US-35W going south. Go south until you reach exit 51 and use that to get onto I-30 heading west. Take I-30 west until you reach exit 7B and use that to get onto TX-183. Go south on TX-183 until you pass Southwest Blvd, then turn left onto Kermit Ave, and we will be on your left.

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